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I subscribe to several streaming services, including CBS Now, HBO Go, Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu, Hulu, Plex Cloud, and DirecTV Now. DirecTV Now is the only streaming service that I use that is unreliable.

I switched from Sling TV to DirecTV Now a few months ago because DirecTV Now had a better selection of content for my taste. However, Sling TV worked perfectly, whereas my DirecTV Now service is plagued with almost constant disconnections, slow connections, and non-connections (regardless of what channel you are attempting to watch), and a programming guide that is terrible both in appearance and operation. As other have suggested in their reviews, it is all but impossible to watch even a 30 minute program on DirecTV Now without suffering numerous disconnects and other signal interruptions. Now, it's not my internet service that is causing these problems.

I have a very reliable 180 Mbps of bandwidth with only 10-15 ms of latency. Further, I stream to my HDTV via a Roku Ultra and, as noted above, I don't have problems with my other streaming services. Also, I have a Netgear CM700 cable modem and Linksys EA 8500 Wi-Fi router, both of which are high-end devices and very reliable. Last, I have streamed DirecTV Now via an ethernet (Cat6) cable and it hasn't made any difference in DirecTV Now's poor performance.

DirecTV Now is owned and operated by AT&T, so I expect that its many performance problems will be addressed at some point.

(IMHO, DirecTV Now was rolled out long before it was ready.) However, as of this writing (December 22, 2017). be advised that DirecTV Now has many problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Now Streaming Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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One month later and I have not been contacted by DirecTV Now, and their service has not improved. I'm still experiencing constant rebuffering and dropped connections.

I am about to switch back to Sling TV despite its (IMO) less desirable channel selection. I am also checking to see if my ISP is openly "throttling" DirecTV Now's signal strength/bandwidth now that net neutrality is gone.

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