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I signed up for DirectTV Now when I signed up for AT&T Unlimited Plus on my phones and was promised a discount to be charged only $10 per month as long as I stayed with AT&T Unlimited. Instead, DirectTV Now has been charging my PayPal account $43.30 for all 4 months I have had the plan.

To resolve the matter I logged into my DTV Now account and used their live chat. Instead of being helpful, the agent was argumentative and arrogant. So bottom line they've overcharged me approx. $130 over the past 4 months and are unwilling to refund the money (or even admit they offered a discount at the time for AT&T Unlimited Plus customers, even though the deal still exists).

So here's the kicker: DirectTV NOW on my Roku is the absolute worst experience EVER! Not even worth the $10/mo I thought I was paying. The app on my wife's iPad is only marginally better. About 50% of the time we try to watch something it buffers endlessly and never brings up the show (even after waiting 5-10 minutes).

When it does work, we get long buffering delays throughout, and at least once per sitting (often more) we get a message like: "your connection was lost, but we're working on that". The app is basically unusable. The thing is Hulu works perfectly without a hitch on both my Roku and the iPad.

I don't think there is any question about who offers good technology and who slapped something together to make a buck. Imagine paying over $40/month for something that serves no purpose but to cause stress and frustration!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Now Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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