Directv Now - DirecTV downgrade

Might have to go back to the Dish Network the new format is terrible the font is too small can barely read it. When you're watching a recording and you shut it off halfway through and you come back later it doesn't tell you whether you're resuming it
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Had used the service for almost a year now with not too many complaints. That all changed with the new app. Suddenly, could not log into account, even with changing password (kept looping). After 4 hours in 2 days with 4 different chat representatives who all told me...
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Directv Now latest upgrade has caused most apps to not function properly. Also, I can no longer watch local news on any of the four major networks. I reached out for help and was told that my IPAddress had the incorrect zip code attached to it. Lame answer as I have...
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I didn't like
  • Outsourcing
  • Defective service
  • Only chat available useless unless you want to type for hours
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Directv Now - Worked great until the recent update

Can’t watch anything without it buffering every 5 seconds, literally. Was working great until the new update which allows to record like DVR. Too bad I won’t get to use it because I’m canceling because I can’t watch anything without getting pissed off.
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So yesterday I wake up and was going to put the news on the TV only to learn the whole Directv Now app was no longer available on my phone. This required me to again upload the app from the playstore, try to find my password and get logged in. After logging in, it...
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Directv Now - Taking money ‘s out of my checking account and I don’t have

I don’t have DIRECTV Now you guys are taking monthly out of my checking account from last year October!!!! I need a refund!!!! I live in the U.S.VIRGIN ISLANDS!!!!!
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Cant login. DVR wont playback. Video quality is good when streaming but, often buffers excessively. Network was down more than 3 times in one month for over 5 hours. Went to watch the NBA last night. Couldn't login. Immediately went to another service and logged in....
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I liked
  • Picture
I didn't like
  • Un-reliable service
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Maybe this would be acceptable in 2003, but how in the world is Netflix and Youtube so flawless, but this mega multi hundred billion dollar company (ATT + DirecTv) can't make this work?? There is a changing of the guard when it comes to US corporations, and if you're...
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Directv Now - What's my password

I need a new password and id number
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DTV Now is the best streaming service for cable TV I have had (former Sling and Hulu customer). Their streaming quality is great compared to competitors coupled with AT&T fiber service. My only complaint is that they cookie your streaming which causes episodes of shows...
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